• Fixed controls in Ore Mountains
  • Minicyklogaining with fixed controls

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    Rules of the minicyklogaining

    Minicyklogaining: open mountain bike orienteering race with random order of controls (scorelauf, 5 check points, map)

    There are two starts (and finishes at the same place) marked on the map. Start 1 is located at a parking place in Klíny (Czech Rep.), Start 2 is at a Sportwelt parking place in Seiffen (Germany). It´s up to you which one of these starts you choose. Your task is to reach as many controls and points as possible within two hours. You gain points for each visited control. Each control holds a code consisting of a two-digit number. The second digit of the code, multiplied by ten, gives you the number of points gained at the control (e. g. control No. 34 = 40 points, No. 39 = 90 points, etc.). When you reach the finish, count all the points you gained. In case you didn´t make it within the two-hour time limit, take away 5 points for each excess minute.

    This race is open both for individuals and teams. On the project website you can fill your result in a Result form and compare your performance with other sportsmen. Note that the results can be strogly influenced by weather conditions.

    Information on the fixed controls

    CodeDescriptionGPS coordinatesMapPicture
    Start/ Goal 1Parking place Klíny, information map50.3792 N; 13.3346 E
    Start/ Goal 2Sportwelt Seiffen, welcoming board 50.3844 N; 13.2881 E
    31Eastern corner of a fence50.3790 N; 13.3256 E
    32Information board50.3836 N; 13.2896 E
    33Resting place50.6495 N; 13.5259 E
    34Resting place50.3734 N; 13.2982 E
    39Birdhouse on a game enclosure50.6710 N; 13.5856 E


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